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Electronic Cigarettes

An Electronic Cigarette, also known as an E Cig, E Cigarette or a Vapor Cigarette, is an electrical vaporizer using a liquid solution infused with nicotine to create an aerosol mist, simulating the act of tobacco smoking. Utilizing a battery an atomizer vaporizes the liquid creating a warm mist that can be inhaled. There is no burning with an E Cigarette. There is no tar with an E Cigarette. There a thousands of chemicals that the conventional cigarette produces that will not be inhaled.

Cigarette smokers switch to E Cigarettes for a variety of reasons. Reducing the harm to your lungs by inhaling less chemicals is one benefit. The cost comparison of vaping over conventional smoking is another benefit. The nicotine levels in the solution come in a variety of strengths so that a person can choose to reduce the strength over time.

This is a relatively new technology developed in the early 2000's and it is spreading in popularity across the US and abroad. Those who smoke conventional cigarettes before are counting the days, packs and dollars since they switched to E Cigarettes.


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