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About Us

BocaVapes started as an idea in 2012 as we saw the benefit E Cigarettes could have on the health of ourselves, friends and family in the Boca Raton / Delray Beach area and beyond. We started as many have with the simple online kits that were offered eventually finding our preferences along the way. We benefitted from the knowledge of people we knew and soon realized what a revolution this was to the smoking community. People who had never been able to successfully quit cigarettes were finding their way to E Cigarattes / Vaping and ceased putting thousands of chemicals into their bodies. The nicotine addiction was still there however the tar and thousands of chemicals were gone.

We realized that though there were many online resources there was still a need for the local shop that catered to the community and brought awareness that there was another option. Stopping smoking is still the goal however if it takes five years to do so that was five years less of tar and thousands of chemicals running through the lungs. We hope you find this option and if you don't stop smoking that you at least find a way to keep thousands of chemicals from destroying your life.